Monoblock Divider Valves

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Monoblock Progressive Divider Valves w/Visual Indicator Pin

The ReliaMAX™ DPL system doses lubricant with a progressive piston movement. Every piston controls the following one in a sequence obtained through a single delivery flow. 

Replaces Lincoln™ SSV Divider Valves

ReliaMAX™ Divider Valves Available

Item#4.2V.03 (DPL-3V:  6 Outlet) 

Item#4.2V.04 (DPL-4V:  8 Outlet) 

Item#4.2V.05 (DPL-5V:  10 Outlet) 

Item#4.2V.06 (DPL-6V:  12 Outlet)

Item#4.2V.07 (DPL-7V:  14 Outlet)

Item#4.2V.08 (DPL-8V:  16 Outlet)

Item#4.2V.09 (DPL-9V:  18 Outlet)

Item#4.2V.10 (DPL-10V: 20 Outlet)


Technical Data

Operating pressure

Lubricants (at minimum operating temperature)

Operating temperature

Discharge (for outlet)

Inlet port

Check valve

Outlet port


Piston cycles


Metering devices

From 15 to 300 Bar

Mineral oil minimum 46 est or Grease maximum NLGl-2

From -40 °C to 11 0 °C

200 mm3/cycle

1/8" BSP

Standard in the inlet


from 6 to 20

Max 350/min

Zinc-Nickel plated

Steel, Zn-Ni plated (free of Cr-VI)

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