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Fritsche Hose

Mimimum Length Orders = 5 Meter


Inner Tube
Polyamid 6


Sizes / tolerances in mm / bending radius

sizes / tolerances 100-001 100-011
nominal size 4,0 x 8,6 d (inner x outer) mm 6.35 x 11.3 mm (inner x outer)
inner diameter 3,90 – 4,10 mm 6,2 – 6,5 mm
external diameter 8,50 – 8,75 mm 11,1 – 11,5 mm
allowed bending radius(20°) > 20 mm > 45 mm


Additional Information

High-pressure hoses are suitable for grease and central lubrication systems of all conventional lubrication system manufacturers.

The structure of our high-pressure hose (600-840 bar) is such that an inner polyamide 6 (PA6) tube is encased and embedded in polyester mesh. The outer polyurethane coat is adhered onto the polyester mesh and the inner tube. 


For more information about Fritsche Hose, or to determine if our lubrication equipment is the right choice for your application, contact our professionals at Lubrication Technologies (413) 788-5823.