120 lb. Drum Air-Operated Grease Transfer Pump



120 lb. Drum Air-Operated Grease Transfer Pump

Item #013-1106-050

Ideal for refilling automatic lubrication system reservoirs when shop air is available. The grease transfer pump is connected to ALS reservoirs using camlock or quick disconnect style adaptors. The GTP package utilizes a 14:1 air operated grease pump which delivers a maximum flow rate up to 4.4 lbs. per minute which fills lubrication system reservoirs quickly in a matter of minutes. Complete package includes height adjustable lid and pump assembly which is compatible with all 120 lb. type drums of lubricant, follower plate, two wheeled dolly, 4-meter hose assembly with ½” flow control ball valve. Pump side mating connections sold separately.

Equipped With:

#010-1038-000 Air-Operated Grease Pump R=14:1
#030-1394-000 Trolly with 2 Pneumatic Wheels
#014-1054-030 Lid Ø 420 mm
#014-1065-030 Follower Plate Ø 400 mm
#906-0404-040 1SC 1/2" Hose L. 4.0 M
#R30-0400-004 Ball Valve F-F 1/2"
#F96-0100-402 Steel ZNT Nipple M 1/2" BSP-M 1/4" BSP
#F96-0500-002 Quick Coupler F 1/4"
#F96-0502-002 Quick Coupler M 1/4"

Suggested To Be Used With:

#FLRAC2010 1/4" NPT Air Filter/ Pressure Regulator/ Water Separator/ Lubricator Set

Typical Applications 

  • Automotive Dealerships
  • Heavy Equipment Dealerships
  • Fast Lube Centers
  • Farm/ Agriculture
  • Service Shops
  • Fleet Service Facilities

Additional Information:

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