Meclube Lock Quick Connect Coupling 32mm

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Grease Hydraulic Safety Coupler

(Grease sold separately)

Product # 014-1087-032

Meclube offers well-engineered, long lasting lubrication and fluid management products for the professional Automotive, Agriculture, and Industrial markets. Meclube's exclusive patented design heavy duty quick release coupler has an innovative design that enables it to firmly latch onto the grease fitting, enabling hands free greasing. The heavy duty quick release grease coupler locks-on and creates a leak-proof seal. This is the only coupler of its type that has a swivel built-in.

Contains hardened 4-jaws made of tool steel and high-performance hydraulic gasket uncoupling over 600 bar is possible.

Swiveling joint with thread M 10 x 1 mm coupler in both 32mm or 81 mm lengths. 

Its special design allows use with all the grease guns configurations: SAE, DIN, BS, etc.

Meclube-Lock Coupler Advantages

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