Straight Compression Fittings

$1.43 - $3.03
$1.43 - $3.03


Straight Compression Fittings

Used in straight tube to tube connections for grease automatic lubrication systems, or viscous oil supply systems; in construction and industrial machinery, commercial vehicles and wheel flange applications.

Wide range of compression fitting sizes and specs available.


#104-001 4mm tube x 6mm x 1 male
#104-002 4mm tube x 8mm x 1 male
#106-001 6mm tube x 6mm x 1 male
#106-002 6mm x 8 x1 male
#106-003 6mm tube x 10mm x 1 male
#106-004 6mm tube x 1/8 BSP
#106-004-NPT 6mm tube x 1/8 NPT
#108-003 8mm tube x 10mm x 1 male
#1012-005 6mm tube x 1/4-28 UNF

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Steel zinc / steel zinc-nickel / Cr-VI free