4 Point Remote Grease Manifold Kit - Complete with Fittings, Hose and Hardware



This Kit Contains:

  • 4 Point Manifold
  • Compression Tube Fittings
  • Zerk (Grease Fitting)
  • Mounting Hardware (Locknuts, bolts 8-32 x1, washers)
  • Zerk Dust Cover
  • Stainless Steel Available (call (413) 788-5823 to order, or if you want to modify this kit)

Also included with this kit

    8mm Hose Connector
    Note: Pictured hose is unfilled

  • 12 meters (39.36 feet) of 100-001-M 8mm HP Hose/meter, grease filled per meter (on average 3 meters per point is used)
  • 100-050 Threaded Sleeves
  • 100-051 Tubular Socket Straight (Elbows are available)
  • 106-104-NPT - 1/8 NPTM x 6mm tube, elbow

Default Configurations Terminate at the Bearing with 1/8 NPT elbow

NOTE: Never split or tee off grease tubes in a system. One grease line per grease point is the only way to go. Grease will take the least path of resistance.

Other Fittings / Sizes Available

View Diagram w/Dimensions


Manufacturing plants, food processing facilities, paper mills, wastewater plants and more

Agricultural equipment: harvesters, headers, diggers, tractors, trailers, hay balers, backhoe, milking machines

Transport industry: trucks, trailers, vocational specialty vehicles

Mobile mining machinery: excavators, drilling machines, screeners, impactors, crushers and more

Stationary mining equipment such as conveyors, crushers, processing plants, mixing stations

Oil and gas drill rigs, pumps and more

Additional Information

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